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Does God intentionally hide from us in order to invigorate
the play we are all in and charge it with emotion?

Could God and creation be the same reality, like water and ice, both sharing the exact same essence? The nondual mystic says, “Yes!” and the implications are mind-blowing!

You are not simply connected to God; every aspect of your being is divine! God is not just deep within you at a special place; you are divine at every level!

It will seem as if you are opening to more and more of God’s love yet you will finally see that God’s love for you has always been infinite and perfect at each and every moment.

When we celebrate both our uniqueness in form and our Unity in Source-Essence, we have the balance that completely opens our loving heart. Everyone and everything is fully divine and it is only through the many that the One Love can be expressed.

   - Thomas Razzeto from his book, Living the Paradox of Enlightenment.


Here at Infinitely Mystical, I explore this ancient nondual wisdom in simple, easy-to-understand English.

The term “nondual” means “not two” and it comes about because God and creation are seen as One Reality, not two. This wisdom holds that the unseen Creator arises as the world we see all around us. This is like an actor arising as a character. There is a difference between the the actor and the character since the actor is the source of the character; it’s not the other way around. The actor still exists even when the role of the character is dropped. Yet when the actor arises as the character, they are identical.

Since the actor is the transcendent source of the dependent character, it is wise to make a distinction between what seems to be two, and yet the actor also fully permeates the character in a way that paradoxically makes them one. When you look into the eyes of the character, you are looking directly into the eyes of the actor. You do not have to go to a deeper level to find the actor. Every single quality or aspect of the character is truly a quality or aspect that is being exhibited by the actor, and every single action that appears to be done by the character is really done by the actor. What appears to be the will and power of the character are really the will and power of the actor.

A similar thing is happening with God and creation. It is God (the One Invisible Actor) who is arising as “everyOne,” and it is God who is doing everything spontaneously without a script.

(Read more here: Why Do We Call It Nondual Wisdom?)

While the message that I offer is truly ancient, I hope that my fresh presentation will help you understand this delicious material in the deepest way possible. Perhaps my work will inspire us all to respect one another, treat each other kindly, and work together for both personal and world peace.

By the way, my mentor is Timothy Conway, who truly embodies this open-hearted wisdom. Much of my work reflects what I have learn from his weekly satsangs, which I have attended since 2005.

Here's the back cover of my book, expanded just a bit for my website:

Living the Paradox of Enlightenment
Ancient Nondual Wisdom for Today

My most passionate plea is for you to wake up to your true self as pure awareness. We have all heard it said that you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, but instead, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. While that shift in understanding is of course very important, there is still a deeper wisdom. In truth, you are not a being of any kind, physical or spiritual. You are pure awareness! And most importantly, your awareness is the One Awareness - the Divine Awareness - and as such, it is the only reality that was not created. This Divine Awareness is the source of all of creation and it is the only witness to it. This is your true fundamental self and this Source-Awareness is looking out of your eyes right now!

By “fundamental self,” I mean what you are in your most essential way. Although you are fundamentally “only” pure, formless, transcendent Awareness, through the mystery of creation, you arise as the totality of created reality (all form) and you experience your life from the perspective of your own “personal self.” In this way, the One Self arises as all apparent selves. This is how the One becomes the many. The intuitive recognition of this is what creates tremendous love and compassion for everyOne. You are inspired to engage in life in a wholesome way and to make the world a “better” place, as seen from the perspective of our ordinary world.

This book will help you correctly understand who you really are as Source-Awareness and this is the first aspect of enlightenment. The second aspect is the ability to unselfishly flow in harmony with all that life brings forth. You can become more skillful in the art of acceptance and in doing so, you will more easily experience a deep and lasting personal peace.

Yet you were not created just to sit still in a state of peaceful acceptance. You are here to fearlessly dive head first into your life in your own unique way. Many of us have heard the phrase “you create your own reality,” but this does not mean that the universe is your personal mail order catalog, simply waiting for you to clearly make up your mind and place your order. If you are open to a deeper understanding of that phrase, then you are ready to make some real progress. This is about removing blockages, not pursuing specific outer circumstances.

When you release your limiting beliefs about yourself, the world, and how you fit into it, you will be open to the full flow of life and God’s love and you will be able to joyfully put your values of kindness and caring into action with an aliveness that cannot be matched!

So what do you think? Are you inspired to learn more about the paradox of enlightenment? If so, this book just might offer you the clarity you have been looking for!

Living the Paradox of Enlightenment: Amazon paperback and ebook.

My interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump 

On April 23, 2016, Rick Archer interviewed me for his internet TV show, Buddha at the Gas Pump. This two-hour interview covers some of the most important points in my book while giving you an excellent feel for my personality. You can watch it here on YouTube: Rick Archer interviews Thomas Razzeto

Here are some excerpts from my book:

Foreword by Timothy Conway

Timothy was kind enough to write a short foreword for my book and you can read it here. He slips in some wonderful words of wisdom that you might not want to miss.

Why Do We Call It Nondual Wisdom?

In this two and a half page essay, I talk a bit more about why we say that God and creation are One Reality, not two. This is a great place to start if you are new to these ideas and even people who have studied similar material may gain some new and helpful insights.

What Is Enlightenment?

I wrote this essay for Graham Hancock when I was invited to be his Author of the Month for August of 2014. It is an excellent summary of some of the most important points of my book, Living the Paradox of Enlightenment. I offer it in the spirit of sharing my opinion about a subject that lies at the core of the ancient wisdom of nonduality. While this wisdom has been around for thousands of years, only a sliver of the population has any interest in it yet I still want to help all those who have an earnest desire to learn more about it. If you are inspired, please spend some time with this fascinating topic.

Is the World an Illusion?

Is our physical world “the totality of reality” or is it only “part of the picture,” an illusion? Are we drawing the wrong conclusion because we are missing the bigger picture? And most importantly, how can we find out more about the big picture, what I call “the mystic's view?”

Mystical Optimism - How to Glow with the Flow!

This essay was inspired by the book, Pollyanna, which tells us about the “Just Be Glad Game.” This game encourages us to try to find something about everything to be glad about. In this way, we see the immediate effect of our thoughts and attitude. While it is obviously very helpful to be happy most of the time with things just the way they are, many of us want to make real changes to our lives. But to what degree do we actually control our own life? Read my point of view about “The Serenity Prayer” and why I think that an open, flowing, adventurous approach to life is the most rewarding. Learn how you can be flawlessly aerodynamic and go through life without getting your feathers ruffled when you don't get what you want. When you mix the mystic's view - that God and creation are the same reality in different forms - with optimism, you have what I call mystical optimism. With it, you can glow with the flow and dance with the divine in a way that will bring a deep richness to your life, no matter what shows up!

The Passing of Tookie Williams and My Experience with
     the Gift of Deep Sorrow

In late 2005, I became aware of a man on California's death row named Stanley “Tookie” Williams. He was scheduled to be put to death in just a few weeks and there was an effort to prevent this. This is the story of my experience with the deep sorrow that arose within me when I learned that this reformed man had indeed been put to death. This experience was so profound that it changed my life in a very deep way. Perhaps you will be inspired by what I have to share about this.

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Thanks for visiting! In truth, I honor your divine nature. All my best, Thomas Razzeto