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Mystical Money Matters

Here's a brief overview of my unusual business philosophy

There will never be any “special information” available only to the people who buy my book. Furthermore, my website will not have a special “Members Only” section, nor will it have any ads so that you can easily focus on what you are reading. The core of my work will always be available to everyone directly from my website for free. These core ideas are actually the heart of the ancient nondual wisdom found in texts that go back thousands of years and I hope that my fresh presentation will provide you with new insights.

I am doing this because I want to help everyone immediately without any financial barriers. Yet I know that my work is not for everyone - that is very clear to me. So I want to make it easy for you to find out if it is a good match for you.

We all know the conventional business model: Create something that you can exchange for something else that you value even more. If both parties are able to do this, the business will be viable. In other words, there is always the giving of something in order to receive something else in return.

In many ways, this makes perfect sense. And yet, if possible, I like to go even further. On his 1976 album, Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder sings, “True love asks for nothing. Her acceptance is the way we pay.” I like this idea. In general, what does love in action look like? What does it feel like? I think that love is helping people without looking for a return. Love has a magical quality that ensures that you do not have less love when you give love away. In truth, we are really only sharing the One Infinite Love of God.

Now, when it comes to money, I like to say:

“Don't make money your god; make God your money!”

In other words, don’t worry about having enough money to take care of your needs. Money doesn’t take care of you, God takes care of you. Realize that you always have God taking care of you in a way that will benefit you the most. Do what you are most inspired to do, with kindness for all. Be courageous. Be at peace with the present and engage in life without fear of the future. Know that you will be fully supported in everything that you do. And of course I am not just talking about financial support, but support in every way.

If someone simply visits my website, I still have everything that I had before and yet they now have more than they had before - the miracle of creation unfolding right before our eyes! If they like it and benefit from it, that’s even better. If it significantly improves their life, well, now we really have something, don’t we? This might even catch on quickly and spread all around the world, right? Well, that’s the idea and it will be interesting to see what will actually happen.

As you may have noticed, my work focuses on personal and world peace. I simply cannot imagine impeding this by imposing a fee for special information. Ridiculous. And yet I still have to pay rent and buy food, right? That is why I have opened up a path for money to flow into my life via the sale of my books and the reception of donations.

So if you are inspired, I invite you to explore my website and savor the nuggets that you dig up. Keep what you like and throw out the rest. I hope that this will help you find a deeper peace within yourself and that this peace will spread outward into the world. All of us will eventually find our own peace in our own way. This is truly done through the grace of God - the One who is arising as everyOne and the One who is doing everything.

Thanks for considering my work. In truth, I honor your divine nature.

All my best to you, Thomas Razzeto

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